“Welcome to Krasilnikoff. Products designed for everyday use and everyday joy.”

Susanne Krasilnikoff started the company in the Fall of 2002 with the idea of designing aesthetic and colorful Danish Design. The Krasilnikoff family household has since then moved in search for more space due to the great response.

In the summer of 2006, they moved to the countryside at Nøkkentvedgaard’s Farm Estate, in Knabstrup, situated about 75 km west from Copenhagen. The old hayloft was converted into a beautiful office with large gable windows overlooking the very landscape that inspires Susanne’s designs. 

Today Krasilnikoff is a Designer and Producer of several collections of porcelain and textiles, most notably three brands: Happy Mugs, Happy Stars and Happy – their line of textiles. The company made a breakthrough in 2014 that has spurred them into a steady and strong growth ever since. Krasilnikoff exports more than 98% of their production. This rapid growth in the company has been confirmed by the No. 13 position over all 1790 Danish companies awarded the Børsen Gazelle Award in 2016, which recognizes Danish companies with a substantial strong growth in the past 4 years. 

Susanne Krasilnikoff is a Danish Businesswoman and Designer with a passion for life and Danish “hygge”.  This passion has developed her ideas into colorful and happy designs that are made to brighten up anyone’s day. 

Krasilnikoff launches 2 collections per year including both porcelain and textiles: Spring/Summer Collection and Autumn/Winter Collection.

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Krasilnikoff A/S


Nøkkentved 18

DK-4440,Knabstrup, Mørkøv

Tlf.: +45 5918 2228
Fax.: +45 5918 2227


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Susanne Krasilnikoff