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We have a wide variety of home textile items that are available in our signature motifs and in the latest AW20 colours.

We have added NEW items to this collection of Home Textiles:

A NEW weaved Tea Towel, called Symphonie, named after the Symphony of weaving techniques and colour. Available in Dusty Rose, Brown, Dusty Green, Dusty Blue and Grey.

Our NEW Waffle Cotton Towels, which are lighter and more absorbent than regular cotton towels.  Their monochrome colours, without prints, make them subtle and easy to combine harmoniously with other Towels.

And our NEW Cushion Covers made in Fancy Cotton. These cushion covers have a soft texture since they are made of 100% fancy cotton. They are exquisite cushion covers crafted by skilled designers with the help of stitching machines.  Soft and warm to the touch.  Available in soft tones of Grey and Blue. A subtle and elegant element to add in a room.

From Tea Towels, to Bread Baskets and Cushion Covers, browse them here to find a subtle and elegant design inspired from our AW20 designs, inspired by Nature.

AW20 Textiles