Our Brands


At Krasilnikoff we design our products ourselves, even down to the finest detail.  We value a good design and a durable product. 

These are the brands that we have created:


Happy Mugs

A line of lovely porcelain mugs both with and without statements.  For Spring 2014, we had a line of 30 different mugs. Today, the line holds more than 550 different Happy Mugs and has been extended to include espresso cups, travel mugs, and other tableware items that can be mixed and match with the Mugs - such as plates, bowls, jugs, trays, teapots and more… 

Many of these products are available as a series with their unique design.


Happy Stars®

A beautiful line of sturdy ceramic bowls with stars for Popcorn, Chips and other snacks. Even though Happy Stars® is a design that is both retro and bold, it is the perfect element to brighten up a room and a party. This no doubt explains its huge success. The popular bowls are also available in dots.


Happy by Krasilnikoff

A great variety of textile items which complement the other products in our series in both colour and designs. The line ranges from tea towels, cotton napkins, placemats, table runners to bread baskets, aprons, cosmetic bags and cushion covers.